Let One of Lesko’s Personal Researchers Produce A Customized Report Showing You At Least 100 Government and Non-Profit Money Programs For Real Estate In Your City Or Town.
  • A complete description of at least 100 money programs available from government sources and non-profit organizations just for your city or town.
  • A custom report produced by one of Matthew Lesko’s Personal Researchers.
  • Information on all grants and loans to make sure you are aware of every opportunity. Government loans can be just as important as grants because some loans have 0% interest, or never have to be paid back or have low credit requirements.
  • Complete local contact information including names, address, phone, email and web for each money program so you can contact the local office directly and apply for the money.
  • A report organized so you can continue using the information to continually buy real estate, improve real estate or be a real estate investor for months and years to come.


"Thanks Kelly, to you and the entire Lesko organization. I appreciate all the work you put into the programs, and I really do like the handwritten thank you note from Mr. Lesko himself. Im definitely going to hang onto that!

Chuck Wagner

"Thanks for sending the hard copy of your EXCELLENT report. Our projects will go so much more smoothly and quickly because of your Customized Research information being so thorough, extensive, and well organized. It is certainly appreciated."

Mickie Menke

"Maybe Im paraphrasing Yogi Berra, but the wait was defiantly worth the wait! When I started paging through the research, three words came to mind: wow, gulp, and thanks! ... I truly appreciate your "How to get the most." section."

Chuck Wagner

"Thank you, Mr. Lesko, and everyone there for such great work."

Jeff Buoy

Sample Real Estate Money Programs You Can Apply For In Your Area

  • $300,000 Grant To Help Families Build Part Of Their Own Home
  • Get a $100,000 Home For $1 plus Fix Up Money
  • $277,000 To Help Purchase a 1-4 Family Unit
  • $2000 Downpayment Grants for Low- Income Homebuyers
  • Low Interest Mortgage Loans For Moderate-Income Families
  • Grants for Developers
  • $60,000 For Renters, Homeowners or Investors
  • $20,000 for Home Improvement
  • $1,000,000 To Purchase or Fix Up Rental Housing
  • $20,000 for Repairs
  • Get 6% Grant of the Price of Your New Home
  • Money For Your New Home in One Hour
  • No Interest Loans to Cover Home Downpayments
  • $10,000 For Much Needed Home Modifications
  • $2,000,000 To Build or Rehabilitate Condominiums
  • Low-Interest Multi-family Construction Loans
  • Flexible Interest Free Loans for Low- Income Developments
  • $30,000 Grant for Homebuyers
  • $22,500 For Closing Costs
  • Get Your New Home For NO Money Down With a $40,000 Grant
  • Get Half Your Home For Free???
  • Get $3 for Every $1 You Put Towards a New Home
  • $5,000,000 To Build or Fix Up an Apartment Building

No more being overwhelmed with where to go:

Matthew Lesko has been researching government programs for over 25 years and knows that the key to getting money is knowing where to go. He holds an MBA in computers, started 3 information companies and has written over 100 books on the subject of government programs. He has been a guest on over 500 TV and Radio programs including Larry King, Oprah, The Today Show and Jay Leno. He has 2 New York Times Best Sellers and 2 awards from the American Library Association. He’s a former columnist for Good Housekeeping Magazine, former New York Times Syndicate columnist (’92–’94) and the Chicago Tribune. Lesko is also a popular public speaker for consumer groups like the Association of Public Libraries and the Learning Annex as well as business groups like Proctor and Gamble, and The Harvard Business School.

Lesko knows that:

- Searchering the web can be overwhelming
- Books can be confusing
- Advice can be incomplete

Let Lesko's Personal Researcher produce a customized report for you so that you can get the money you deserve.

Over 100 Real Estate Money Programs
Just For You and Your State, Your County and Your City.

Finally at a price affordable to the average consumer...Only $299.00

You get the country's best free money researchers to produce a customized report just for you. Matthew Lesko has charged well over $3,000 for similar reports to his Fortune 500 clients.

Let Lesko's researchers do the work for you.

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Lesko Researchers do not guarantee that you will receive money, but we do guarantee that we will accumulate the best available list of real estate money programs in your area.

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