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10 things
10 thingsIn recent months bestselling author and infomercial guru Matthew Lesko, the man in the question mark suit, has been called questionable by several bush league reporters who appear to believe they have stumbled upon the story of a lifetime: that despite what anyone claims, the government does not make grants to individuals, and most alleged "free" money programs are hokum.

"It's really funny," laughs Lesko. "All they had to do is ask me -- I could have set them straight. They're right and they're wrong. Hardly any grant money is available for individuals, but it is available under other names. The government just doesn't call them grants. Anyone calling the government and asking for a grant is going to hit a dead end."
Lesko, who starting encouraging people to use government programs and services more than 35 years ago, has been credited with starting the "free government money" movement. But he's also been accused of playing with the facts, something he adamantly denies.
"I just want to start the new year fresh, so I'm putting out my Top Ten Things You Don't Know About Government Money to help clear up misunderstandings," says Lesko. "The fact is that most people don't know what to look for, where to look, or what to ask for." Lesko and his researchers want to educate consumers about government money programs with detailed explanations to set the record straight and to help the curious.
"Consider it free government money for dummies," Lesko smiles. "People who already know these things are laughing all the way to the bank. And there is even money for journalists..."
80% of Free Government Money Is Not Called Grants
Of the $2 Trillion in free government money that is given out each year only about $378 Billion is called grants. The rest of the free money is called things like direct payments, venture capital or loans you do not have to pay back. So don't call the government and ask for a grant, you will miss 80% of the free money that is given out.
Don't Call Washington Looking For Money
Think Local. Most money programs do originate from Washington but the money goes to the state governments, who in turn give out the money to local governments and even non-profit organizations. Every state government has an office that tracks this money.. Call the governor's office and ask for the state grants office to get started.
Free Services Are Better Than Free Money
Consumers are missing out on ten's of thousands of dollars of free services like:
  - free credit card help
  - free help to start a business
  - free health care
Government Applications Are Easy
This is where average Americans really miss out. They believe that grant applications are complicated, and they are right. But 80% of the free money the government gives out is not a Grant so they do not require a grant application and all that is needed is 3 or 4 pages of fill in the blanks.
Your Congressman Provides The Best Help
Every elected official has someone on their staff that helps people take advantage of government programs. They are the most motivated people in government that want to help you because if they are able to make a call to a government office and get you $50,000 for your business or $8,000 to train for a new job, you will vote for them in the next election no matter what they do.
(find your elected official at
The Government Doesn't Know What It Has
If you call a government office and ask if they have money to help you accomplish some goal, you can't take NO for an answer. Government offices are too big for any one person to know what is in their office. Get the documents, check the web sites, ask for suggestions for other sources.
The best way to deal with the government is to find out what they have before you contact them. (
Only 12% Goes To The Poor
Most people think they have to be low income to receive government money. But that's not true. A bigger percentage of rich people are eligible for government money than poor people. And what's poor in today's economy? You can be working full time at WalMart and be eligible for food stamps.(Source: "Running On Empty", Peter G. Peterson, former Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, page 151)
Over $15,503 In Free Money Goes To Every Family
The US Budget for 2010 shows that in 2009 $2 Trillion was spent on free money programs and the US Census shows there are about 129 million families. You do the math.
( , page 201 and )
Government Programs Keep Growing Under Both Democrats and Republicans
Total government spending has increased every single year since 1955.
( page 328)
75% Of Government Money Programs Have No Income Requirement
No matter what your income you can apply for money to do specific activities that the government wants to be done like create or grow a business, fix up your home, work on an invention, or train for a new job. (Source: "Running On Empty", Peter G. Peterson, former Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, page 151)